Contractor Search and Placement (Temp & F.T)

  • For each role we are experts at understanding technology needs and key social skills required to fit with your team
  • Candidate skill fitment and goal fitment analysis
  • Strong connections with thousands of contractors In our database.
  • We maintain transparency with candidates about the role and project expectations, which leads to low attrition rates
  • We can provide a flexible workforce that can quickly and easily expand or contract with your workload
  • We free up your staff’s time, so they can focus on tasks that add the most strategic value to your business
  • Outsourcing workforce management to Arisoft Staffing allows you to lower administrative costs
  • High volume Badging of employees and white glove treatment for executive searches
  • Dedicated recruiter assigned to the client’s requirement
  • Quick adaptability of client’s in-house hiring process.
  • Market research and analysis of the roles for the client
  • We manage employee contracts, time sheets, payments, deductions and Government remittances in a comprehensive payroll system if required